Anything But Blank

The traditionalists amongst you will see us as a business development consultancy. We see ourselves as supporters of inspirational people and instigators of powerful change.

Working with philanthropists of all shapes and sizes, we enable our partners to realise the difference they wish to make.

How We Roll

Identity Construction

Whether it be a brand new philanthropic initiative, operational strategy or brand refresh. We are able to create from scratch or develop an existing idea to ensure our clients are able to realise their vision to the maximum.

  • Charity Establishment
  • Philanthropy Consultancy
  • Giving Strategy Consultancy
  • Brand Construction and Development
  • Grant Programme Administration
  • Due Diligence and Compliance Procedures

Income Acquisition

We take time to understand our client’s story; the audiences they serve and the spaces they operate in. Our approach is inherently personal and direct. We aim for our delivered results to ensure both commercial and emotional investment is furthered.

  • Fundraising and Sales Strategy
  • Client Acquisition and Cultivation
  • Event Fundraising
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Donor Relations


Strong communication is integral to every aspect of Canvas. Communication is a significant area of expertise we offer our partners. With a collective background in design, marketing, digital and tech we offer communication solutions ranging across the marketing platforms. We are a small strong team who pride ourselves on honest and collaborative communication in all aspects of our operations.

  • PR & Marketing Consultancy
  • Media Relations Consultancy
  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing Consultancy
  • Online Presence Consultancy
  • Copywriting

Kind Words

Working With

We support inspirational people who instigate meaningful and powerful change. Download our latest design portfolio showing selected projects.

We have the privilege of working with a range of remarkable clients from diverse backgrounds, all united in their purpose to enhance the world we live in.

We can help you do so too; we’d love to hear from you.


The Beattie Foundation

In 2011, Alexandra joined forces with Trevor Beattie and Family to set-up and run the Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation. A family initiative, the Beattie Foundation aims to assist the marginalised facing social injustice and inequality through funding priorities of ‘Dignity’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Sanctuary’.

Notably, the Foundation’s ‘D Day 70: A Final Salute’ campaign in aid of the Normandy Heroes saw Veterans return to the Beaches of Normandy for the 70th anniversary of D-Day in style.

Canvas continues to run the Beattie Foundation, and oversee design and technological support.

Key achievements:

  • Creation and management of legal, financial, governance structures and operational policies (including risk and compliance frameworks).
  • Core business analysis of trends relating to stakeholder investment as well as social and economic requirements of the Foundation’s beneficiaries.
  • Income acquisition, cultivation and relationship management (across corporate and high net worth individuals) £300,000 raised to date.
  • Control of all compliance and governance reporting.
  • Responsible for regulatory documentation preparation and submission concerning external bodies such as Companies House and the UK Charity Commission.
  • Led communications, marketing and brand awareness strategies, for both online and offline platforms.
  • Sole charge of press relations and awareness campaigns, most notably in print media (The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mirror and Daily Mail).
  • Direction of high profile fundraising and advocacy events, including a vintage war-bird air display and lecture by the astronaut Buzz Aldrin in aid of the D-Day Normandy Veterans and a pop-up restaurant in partnership with Time Out London to highlight the scale of food waste and surplus in the UK.



Bank of Mum and Dad


“We think this is an idea whose time has come. We live in a land where money lenders make money off the same vulnerable people our Foundation is trying to support. Big money. They are utter bankers. And we’re going to do something about them.”

The Bank of Mum and Dad, by the Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation is a micro-finance programme, offering interest and charge free loans to financially excluded individuals facing a challenge to their dignity, freedom and or sanctuary. Canvas developed the concept of the Bank of Mum and Dad, creating the programme and now heads up the initiative.

Canvas delivery:

  • Concept creation and development.
  • Programme implementation and launch – including management of all procedural and policy frameworks – ensuring compliance with the FCA’s regulations.
  • Management of the programme, and loan book.
  • Direction of the loan book’s income generation.




the7stars foundation


the7stars foundation, established by the7stars, the UK’s most successful and independent media agency, supports the most challenged 16 year olds and under in the United Kingdom. Assisting forgotten young people lacking opportunity, to achieve their potential. Canvas joined forces with the7stars agency to establish and direct their foundation. Canvas had the enormous privilege of partnering with the talented and passionate 7stars team to establish the foundation, and run the grant-making organisation.

Canvas delivery:

  • Establishment and direction of the Foundation (including the operational, compliance and governance policies).
  • Creation and implementation of a brand identity for the Foundation’s online and offline presence and management of the social media presence.
  • Direction of the Foundation.
  • Creation, development and implementation of a partnership with a law chambers, with the objective of widening the scope and maximising the impact of the grant programme. – Direction of the foundation’s fundraising strategy, focusing on a fundraising event to generate a third of the grant programme’s value.



Just Living Foundation


The Just Living Foundation, supports essential human rights and the needs of individuals and communities across the World.

Compassion, Justice, Integrity, Sustainability and Impact are central to the grant programme which focuses on: Clean Water, Food and Essential Healthcare. Canvas partnered with the Walker Family to establish and run all operational aspects of the the grant-making organisation.

Canvas Delivery:

  • Establishment and management of the Foundation (including the operational, compliance and governance policies).
  • Creation and direction of fundraising and marketing strategies for donor acquisition and cultivation.
  • Creation and implementation of a brand identity for the Foundation’s online and offline presence. We have designed and developed the website, which has seen traffic build to over 6,000 hits in the last six months, peaking at 332 unique visits in one day at the time of the launch event.
  • Development and launch of the Foundation’s Giving Network, the Philanthropy Advisors programme.
  • Direction of the Fundraising event strategy.


The Footprints Foundation


Bob Holt OBE’s Footprints Foundation achieves a great deal across the UK and World, in the areas of youth development; community inclusion amongst the elderly population and support for those individuals suffering major or life limiting illness.

Canvas delivery:

  • Developed and launched the Footprints Foundation’s patron and friend programme which has seen projects implemented by the Foundation, sponsored by supporters.


Building Lives Foundation


Canvas had the privilege and pleasure of partnering with the late, inspirational Steve Rawlings and the Building Lives Foundation since its establishment in February 2015. Principally, Canvas managed the establishment of the Foundation and then directed the income generation and communication strategies for the organisation..

Canvas Delivery:

  • Establishment of the Foundation (including the operational, compliance and governance policies).
  • Creation and direction of fundraising and marketing strategies for donor acquisition and cultivation. More than £300,000 was raised in the year 2015.
  • Creation and implementation of a brand identity for the Foundation’s online and offline presence. We designed and developed the website, which saw traffic build to over 40,000 hits in 2015 The website grew to provide details of applications for Careerships as well hosting online sponsorship from industry partners.
  • Direction of the Fundraising event strategy (including events at the House of Lords and Kensington Roof Gardens).
  • Led corporate fundraising streams, including partnership with Laing O’Rourke.
  • Achieving media and press coverage of Building Lives’ accomplishments and goals, through a committed media partner network.


Building Heroes


Building Heroes is a charity founded in 2013 in West Sussex to provide residential training in sustainable property maintenance skills to ex-service personnel. Large numbers of service leavers are homeless in the UK, including 10% of all rough sleepers. While training and resettlement advice is offered to service leavers there are still many unprepared for civilian life.

Canvas has joined forces with the incredible Brendan Williams and his team to ensure Building Heroes are recognised for the valuable work they achieve, for those we owe so much to, and continue to do so.

Canvas delivery:

  • Led the strategic revision of Building Heroes’ fundraising and communications strategies including direction of high profile fundraising events at the Churchill War Rooms and the Royal Army and Navy Club.
  • Direction of the event fundraising schedule for Building Heroes, brokering a partnership with Rugby superstar James Haskell.
  • Creation and launch of the ‘Patron and Ambassador’ scheme, central to the organisation’s income streams.
  • Launched the e-communications initiatives for Building Heroes, including  e-marketing campaigns.
  • Creation and Implementation of a brand identity for online communication.

Housing Fed


National Housing Federation


The National Housing Federation is the trade body that represents independent non-profit housing associations in England, and is the voice of affordable housing in England. They believe that everyone should have the home they need at a price they can afford. Their members provide two and a half million homes for more than five million people. And each year they invest in a diverse range of neighbourhood projects that help create strong, vibrant communities. In 2010 the National Housing Federation launched My Home Finance, an affordable and fair credit programme for those excluded from mainstream finance options.

Canvas delivery:

  • Construct and lead the private and social investment income strategy for My Home Finance.
  • Lead research on the social impact of the programme.


Doreen Lawrence OBE


Baroness Lawrence Consulting has been established to facilitate Baroness Lawrence’s advice and guidance in issues of Race and Equality in the UK.

Radio 4 Woman’s hour’s Woman of the Year 2014, Anti-Racism Campaigner and Mother, Baroness Doreen Lawrence founded the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust in her son Stephen’s memory, which works to transform the lives of young people, achieving social change. The Trust’s ethos and objectives remain close to Canvas’ heart, following Alexandra’s previous direction of their Fundraising and Business Development.

Canvas delivery:

  • Canvas created Baroness Lawrence’s consultancy brand, including the logo and website.
  • Canvas has developed Baroness Lawrence’s consultancy strategic scope.


CaféDirect Producers Foundation


The CaféDirect Producers Foundation strengthens smallholder farmers’ access to the training, education and information services they need to improve their farms and livelihoods. CDPF use innovative technological solutions as a response to social challenges faced across farming communities in developing countries. Emphasis is placed on supporting smallholders as leaders of their own training initiatives. CDPF also supports smallholders to increasingly share information and knowledge with each other.

Canvas delivery:

  • Canvas supported CDPF in strategically approaching their fundraising plan, for the Trusts and Foundations sector, kick-starting relationships with some well placed Trusts and Foundations for further partnership.
  • #Onebigtweet: Canvas supported #OneBigTweet in growing their tweet/donor base, and attracting new bids for the tweet sale.


The Lighthouse Club


Canvas was delighted to join Lighthouse to direct their event fundraising and marketing strategy in the lead up to their 60th anniversary celebrations.

Canvas delivery:

  • Direction of Lighthouse’s biggest fundraising event to date, raising £168,000.
  • Canvas revised Lighthouse’s communication strategy, including launching an e-direct marketing campaign programme, resulting in lucrative sponsorship partnerships.
  • Directed Lighthouse’s partnership with Industry bodies and conferences – including UK Construction Week, the largest conference in the Construction industry.


Fund for the Forgotten


The Fund for the Forgotten supports those unhelped, unheard and overlooked. The grant programme aims to help individuals who have no one else to turn to, no one ‘fighting their corner’. Grants are awarded to individuals facing injustice or inequality against their dignity, freedom or sanctuary.

Canvas Delivery:

Canvas oversaw the fund’s establishment and continues to run the grant programme.



Heroes For Hire – Handymen


Heroes4Hire Handymen (H4HH) offers a solution to a social problem faced by the Veteran community in addition to a business challenge of the Property Management Services sector (PMS). The Veteran community struggles with staggering unemployment and thus the social challenges associated. The PMS sector faces a shortage of skilled, reliable labour, constraining a fast-paced, valuable growing industry.

“As UK unemployment rates reach an eleven year low in 2016, it is vital that those who have served in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces are not left behind.” – Royal British Legion.

Canvas delivery:

Canvas have held a lead role in the development of H4HH’s business plan, central to their investment strategy.



Build It International


Built It International create opportunities for young people and their communities through skills training, work experience and essential community building projects in Zambia.

Canvas delivery:

Canvas were pleased to support the team at Build It international to launch and develop their corporate fundraising income stream within the Construction and Built Environment Industries.


C3 Post Trade


C3 is an intuitive post trade web-based solution, increasing their clients’ operational efficiency by 30 per cent. Canvas had the enormous privilege of developing and launching C3’s corporate social responsibility programme which has seen partnerships with Building Heroes and Limb Power flourish.

Highlights include:

  • Establishment and development of patronage to the Building Heroes programme.
  • Establishment and development of the partnership with Limb Power.

Our Team

Life’s too short to spend precious time with those who don’t make you learn and laugh every day. Each one of us brings talent and skills, making Canvas anything but blank.



Alexandra has extensive experience in leadership across the philanthropic sector, with a career spanning Uganda, Burma, Armenia, London and most recently New York. Alexandra’s expertise within the development and grant-making industries lies within charitable establishment, delivery of private income generation, communication and business development consulting services.

A highly motivated, goal-orientated, strategic thinker, Alexandra’s employment history has seen her lead not-for-profit organisations in constructing new business initiatives, across international and domestic landscapes, as well as working alongside the UK Government on policy and advocacy issues.

Alexandra Taliadoros



As a kid Mal loved gadgets and Batman. Nothing’s changed. Wears many hats including developer, programmer, designer, strategist and consultant. Speaks fluent geek as well as English, for your benefit. Over ten years experience of sitting at computers.

“All men have limits. They learn what they are and learn not to exceed them. I ignore mine.” — Batman

Malcolm Woolliams



Rich has been sharpening his design skills for over 15 years. Whatever the brief, and whether digital or print, he relishes the opportunity that each job offers to produce beautiful, interesting and appropriate outcomes. Working closely with both clients and colleagues, Rich believes an open and honest collaborative approach is the best method in producing work everyone is happy with.

Rich doesn’t like to brag, but he has won awards for his work and has been featured in various design publications. If form follows function, then Rich has bloody great form.

A typography nerd, Rich can spot a typeface from 100 yards (something which he claims makes him a real hit with the ladies…we’re not convinced!).

Richard Vickers



Penny by name, Gantt Charts by nature. This woman comes with a warning, not only will her project management skills put one and all to shame, she’s ahead of her game in all aspects of production and all-round efficiency. She can out-organise a Filofax, and she must be psychic as often, projects are completed before you’ve even pressed the snooze button. 

Penny’s organisation and work ethic make her an enormous asset to the Canvas family. We wouldn’t be the same without her!

Penny Cowley



Canadians are known to be the nicest people on Earth, and that is certainly true of Kelly.

With her love for ice hockey and the great outdoors, Kelly brings maple sweetness to the gritty East End. And our world is better for it.

Kelly has a large portfolio of project management experience with a particular focus on, and innate understanding of, the current trends within the modern tech industry.

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” — Wayne Gretzky.

Kelly Olsen



Born in London and raised on the finest Greek kebabs, Dean laid down his creative roots in the heart of Spitalfields over 15 years ago and can proudly polish his trophies for versatility, attention to detail, originality and humility with numerous longstanding and contented branding, print and web clients. His hirsute appearance may be a nod to the fashion cliches of the area but Dean is convinced it has given him Samson-esque supernatural design vision.

Dean Papadopoullos



Brother from the same Mother. With Ben, it’s a Family thing. With Ben, it’s a talent thing.

Java Scripting his way around GlaxoSmithKline, CERN, the financial service industry and cyber security. Ben is seen as one of the brightest stars of Silicon Roundabout (but that may have something to do with his hipster beard and checked shirt).

Ben Taliadoros



Trend-setter, fashionista and collector of haute couture, Tash brings creativity and passion to event management, marketing, and communications like Vivienne Westwood with a client branding brief.

Vivacious, Positive and Bubbly, outside of the Canvas office you’ll find Tash in the centre of the dance floor. Inside, she brings vibrancy and laughter to the team.

Natasha Carmen

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